Affordable Streetwear Brands to Choose for Men in 2024: Tips and Suggestions

Tanya Yevlanova


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If you have always liked the dynamics of street apparel but hesitated to join this movement, now is the best moment. Given the ever-increasing status of these clothes as luxurious wardrobe items, spending the same amount for one jacket as for a three-piece suit won’t be surprising. However, it doesn’t mean that’s the only way out.

In this guide, we want to honor affordable streetwear brands and their contribution to making the fashionable arena entry-level for men. Keep on reading for outfit ideas to take the most out of budget-friendly streetwear looks.

Choosing the Right Affordable Streetwear Brand: It’s Not Just About Price

Right Affordable Streetwear Brand


Few other industries have been able to grow and remain contemporary while celebrating their roots and earlier development stages. The global streetwear market keeps expanding steadily, with a CAGR of over 3.5% — a boost from $175 billion as of 2015 to more than $230.8 billion as of 2022, expected to reach around $230.8 billion by 2028.

Graffiti-splattered T-shirts, minimalist and oversized hoodies, sports sneakers, and more embrace the rules dictated by the streets and implement nostalgic vibes with a modern vision of the fashion playbook. Exploring cheap streetwear brands is an excellent decision to stay within the desired budget and revolutionize your take on high-style streetwear.

Still, your approach to the challenge has to go beyond the company’s pricing policies. That’s how you will ensure your investment will pay off with lasting clothes that don’t go out of fashion.

Quality Still Matters

accessible and affordable offers


The price isn’t always a guarantee you will get what you want — luxurious brands may deliver poorly crafted items, compared to way more accessible and affordable offers like those from Target or H&M. Nuances are what really matter, including the type and quality of sewing and care labels. Here are a few red flags to spot items that might last a few washes only:

  • Low-quality fabrics have different representations — from thin materials that get torn and worn out fast and easily to itchy hazards that are quite uncomfortable to wear. While natural materials like linen, cotton, silk, wool, and cotton are worth looking for, it doesn’t mean synthetic fibers will be a disastrous choice either. The only exception to the rule is acrylic.
  • Sewing mistakes will turn any good-quality garment design into a nightmare. Affordable streetwear clothing brands should also stick to the rule of thumb — bigger and more durable stitches for thick fabrics and thinner and tinier stitches for delicate alternatives.
  • Take a closer look at the quality of buttons, zippers, and other types of hardware. There is a high chance you’d be right to be suspicious about cheap-looking finishing touches.
  • Analyze the brand’s reputation. Customers’ reviews will tell a lot about how lasting their clothes are in practice. The same goes for such a crucial parameter as its sizing consistency.

Find Your Aesthetic

affordable urban clothing


With so many brands offering affordable urban clothing, the right choice depends on how complementary and effective their fashionable take is for your needs. Start by analyzing your preferences first. Scroll through the catalogs of popular brands like Adidas and local streetwear manufacturers to see what messages and craftsmanship speak to you.

Overall, you can choose from a wide range of vibes:

  • skate-inspired;
  • hip-hop nostalgia;
  • athleisure;
  • bold graphics;
  • minimalist accents;
  • punk rebellion;
  • workwear and techwear;
  • vintage-inspired pieces.

Don’t hesitate to create DIY looks with clothes that represent how divergent the urban cultural influence is in reality. Baggy jeans can work with flannel shirts, while bold logos go well with sleek silhouettes and waterproof fabrics.

Where to Shop for Deals

cheap streetwear brands


Going to the official websites of cheap streetwear brands is the most straightforward strategy leading to prominent purchases. That’s how you can ensure you cooperate with reliable third parties and will receive original clothing from the target manufacturer.

On the Mr. Porter platform, for instance, you can locate premium-class offers from Nike and similar brands with cheap streetwear, Another excellent provider is Gap with high-quality deals for men’s attire in the analyzed style — double cargo baggy jeans, linen cotton pleated pants, and so on.

Once you’ve found a great piece to order, don’t rush with purchasing it right away. Wait for end-of-season sales to obtain exquisite items at a lower price tag. Compared to other trends, streetwear designs aren’t fast fashion, which preserves its value for a long time.

Don’t exclude dedicated streetwear outlet stores from your shopping list. Secondhand platforms will also diversify your sources of high-quality prints and bespoke designs. What can be better than buying items that look almost brand-new but at a much more customer-oriented rate?

Top Affordable Streetwear Brands: Big Names & Hidden Gems

Top Affordable Streetwear Brands


Online shopping is a great opportunity to discover cheap underground clothing brands with a click. Whether you are interested in monochromatic designs or pieces with a certain vibe, you’ve come to the right place to get a deeper insight into the variety of companies with essential staples.

Here are our top-budget streetwear brands to choose from and pursue your fashion goals:

  1. HUF — graphic tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies with staple streetwear accessories for men.
  2. MNML — modern simplicity to long for — from simple to progressive silhouettes at affordable prices.
  3. Adidas — an iconic brand with easily recognizable branding and a global service network.
  4. OBEY — street-smart appeal for lovers of unique implementations of cultural moments and trends in clothing.
  5. Dime — a huge selection of hip-hop and relaxed-fit menswear with skateboarding vibes.
  6. The Hundreds — limited-edition simplicity with unconventional design choices.
  7. Stüssy — the iconic 1980-founded brand with immediate and raw streetwear aesthetics to enjoy.
  8. Wasted Heroes — the streetwear club with sizes up to 5XL you won’t regret joining.
  9. Altimers — juicy and vibrant colors with bespoke prints in the best iconography style.
  10. Hype — affordable and discounted year-round clothing in the best street apparel tradition.
  11. Nike — exclusive design decisions for active kids and adults looking for affordable athleisure and casual wear.
  12. CLOT — a premium-class choice to celebrity your identity and contribute to the local culture.
  13. ASKET — a perfect selection of responsibly-made clothes on the edge of minimalist workwear and streetwear.
  14. Champion — no way to go wrong with these essentials made to last.
  15. Percival — regular new drops in the streetwear realm for men.

Selecting affordable streetwear clothing doesn’t mean you are to compromise on the product quality. It can be well-tailored, modern, and made of excellent materials. Such shopping strategies come in handy to keep up with new trends and emerging designers on the scene, making your wardrobe more versatile and personalized within your budget.

Affordable Streetwear Style Guide: Outfit Ideas to Inspire You

Affordable Streetwear Style Guide


It is not enough to purchase excellent items within your budget. Offers from affordable streetwear brands alone won’t lead to mesmerizing street apparel. Stay tuned to delve into the streetwear styling world and create clothing combinations like a pro.

The Bold & Graphic Look

eye-catching graphic tee


That’s when selecting bright silhouettes and logos with controversial messages will result in an elevated streetwear outfit that speaks for itself. Consider cheap streetwear brands’ offerings with graffiti-like elements and custom prints. The choice of neon shades and unparalleled samples of digital graphics is a highway to overcoming the challenge of creating a great look with a limited budget. 

Unusual accessories in bright tones will surely contribute to this concept. A yellow cap with an oversized and graffiti-inspired hoodie on top of baggy jeans and sneakers can work as an excellent sample of visual communication in fashion.

Minimalist Cool

eco-friendly designs


This kind of affordable urban clothing stands out with its timeless appeal. Look for clean-cut silhouettes without the abundance of textures and colors. You can play it cool with eco-friendly designs made of sustainable materials. Combinations like a hoodie, black jeans, and white sneakers will let any enthusiast be up in arms.

To make the image more wholesome and appropriate for different weather conditions, master the art of hoodie layering:

  • If you go for an over-a-hoodie tactic, adding pieces like puffy vests, flannel button-ups, and roomy jackets will be a mic drop.
  • The base layer will work better if you consider styles that effortlessly harmonize with the target hoodie in terms of style, size, and color. A crew neck is a perfect match in most cases. 

90s Hip-Hop Throwback

budget streetwear brands


It is probably the most iconic styling movement on the list, which has its own rules to stick to. Let’s see what products to hunt for when navigating budget streetwear brands:

  • check and plaid flannel shirts;
  • moccasins like Clarks Wallabees;
  • bucket hats (also known as Kangol caps);
  • baggy jeans;
  • Air Jordans;
  • logo tees;
  • puffer jackets;
  • luxury tracksuits;
  • dungarees;
  • Timberland boots;
  • denim jackets, T-shirts, and jeans, and other wardrobe elements.

You can add more modern vibes to these pieces with accessories — sunglasses and watches. Playing with unique color palettes will also be an excellent strategy. You can easily combine pastel, neutral, and vibrant tones to make it look refreshed and stylish. Even if you don’t go beyond classic hip-hop influences from the 90s, your outfit will be on-trend.

Elevated Athleisure

track pants and a matching jacke


Don’t get it wrong — you don’t necessarily have to shop for sportswear and put it on whenever you go outside. Take a closer look for more fashionable variants that are intended for casual use. Such clothes will stand out with their flexibility and comfort. Here are a few ideas of what items to order to create an elevated streetwear image:

  • technical jackets for spring- and fall-friendly silhouettes with a custom take on the image’s textures;
  • white sneakers or retro-styled running shoes;
  • monochromatic quarter-zip sweats in colors like dark grey, navy, beige, and more;
  • a zip-up cardigan;
  • tailored sweatpants, cargo pants, chinos, joggers, khaki pants, or shoes for summer vibes in your style.

Grunge Features in Your Wardrobe

Grunge Features in Your Wardrobe


Here is a quick way to use affordable streetwear clothing in this style:

  • Opt for semi-buttoned cotton shirts for spring and summer while sticking to classic flannel ones for the winter season.
  • Layering is a key technique. Put on a slouchy cardigan or sweater on top of a big shirt or tee.
  • A pair of distressed or ripped jeans is what you need for this style. You can switch it to shorts for a season-oriented look.
  • Your footwear choice is no less important. Consider well-worn sneakers or chunky boots to get the desired grunge effect.
  • Choker necklaces, studded belts, and similar accessories will become the icing on the cake.

Skate-Inspired Looks for Men

Skate-Inspired Looks for Men


Graphic tees, denim clothes, and loose-fitting silhouettes epitomize this streetwear culture. As a combination of vintage and modern trends, it allows for highly personalized images to be born. To have a kickstart in the domain, ensure your outfit consists of the following:

  • loose-fitting pants or jeans;
  • functional accessories like messenger bags and backpacks;
  • headwear like beanies and baseball caps;
  • skate shoes, characterized by lengthened toe caps, flat outsoles with a grip pattern, and reinforced stitches;
  • oversized tops like T-shirts and hoodies.

Going for authentic skater fashion allows for more combinations to suit a board in your hand:

  • Add more patterns to your style. A denim jacket with a loose-cut flannel shirt will be a nice change of style together with black shorts.
  • An all-black outfit will come in handy for skateboarding enthusiasts. Just imagine how cool a leather jacket, a hoodie, and a slim-fit pair of jeans with sneakers and a baseball cap will make you look.

Smart Shopping: More Tips for Budget-Friendly Streetwear

More Tips for Budget-Friendly Streetwear


Once you have located affordable streetwear clothing brands you want to deal with, it doesn’t mean the price you see is the final one. There are multiple strategies to gain more for less:

  • Take the most out of the store’s loyalty policy and referral program.
  • Don’t purchase designs for sale just because you can afford them. Ensure your cart is full of items you will truly love and wear frequently. Otherwise, window shopping without purpose will hook you up.
  • If you work with retail stores, double-check the target item’s price to locate the best deal.
  • Reward cards will also be an effective measure to reduce the clothing’s cost.

For more helpful tips, keep on reading this guide!

Master the Sales Cycle

Master the Sales Cycle


You can win over cheap underground clothing brands if you understand how their markdown pricing strategy works. It may serve different purposes — boosting revenues through sales, arranging an inventory for new designs, clearing out stock, and so on.

While forecasting store sales by using historical markdown data is a tedious process, you may choose another approach and get more data about such discounts from customers’ testimonials. To calculate the markdown, subtract an actual price from the target’ item’s original cost.

This strategy will require your patience and attentive observation. It will assist in excluding brands from your favorites because they rely on so-called fake sales — artificially increasing the item’s price before the sales.

The Power of Secondhand

Logo-Appliquéd Cotton-Blend Jersey Sweatshirt


Investing into preloved items doesn’t only have a huge impact on your budget. At the same time, you can hit the best deals in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly shopping manner. Search for budget streetwear brands on platforms like:

These platforms will connect you to luxurious streetwear offers via peer-to-peer and other shopping formats. Consider the style you are looking for and the interface to work with (a local consignment store or a resale app, for instance) to make things work in your favor.

Accessories Are Your Friend

Affordable accessories


You can effortlessly personalize your outfits and level up the visual quality of products from cheap underground clothing brands. Accessorizing is a customer-friendly technique that will work for any man. Even if you aren’t a fan of bold jewelry, which is common for this fashion style, you can incorporate other alternatives in your street apparel.

Here are a few budget-friendly solutions to add more self-branding notes to your casual wear:

  • belts;
  • sunglasses;
  • hip bags and alternative formats like totes with bespoke prints, shoulder pouches, backpacks, etc.;
  • high-ankle socks;
  • beanies and caps;
  • watches;
  • sneakers and other athletic footwear.

Ready to Hit the Streets?

Ready to Hit the Streets?


One thing is for sure — affordable streetwear brands serve as a nice source and service provider of inspiration and practical tools to implement your vision of freedom in reality. You are welcome to have fun, playing with different silhouettes, fabrics, and types of clothing to wear outdoors without investing a fortune.

The more in-depth your market research is, the better. It will be simpler to locate efficient combinations within a chosen styling paradigm or create a custom version of vintage, grunge, or hip-hop menswear to nail it in the streets.


You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to look stylish, especially when your primary choice is casual clothes. With streetwear becoming one of the staple trends that will rock it from season to season, diversifying your wardrobe options with such pieces will be a smart move.

What are your ideas on streetwear matches to nail it in 2024 and beyond? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks to the affordable streetwear brands highlighted in this guide, your task has become easier than ever before — you can shop ready-made outfits or stick to our suggested combinations for top-notch results.

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