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Meet Iryna, a passionate personal stylist with a deep love for fashion and styling. In this insightful interview, Iryna shares her journey into the world of style, her sources of inspiration, and her approach to staying on top of ever-evolving fashion trends. Delve into her experiences, learn about the skills essential for aspiring stylists, and discover how her profession influences her personal style

Can you tell us about your journey into the world of style and fashion?

Hi, my name is Iryna, and I’m a personal stylist. I’m in love with fashion and styling.
Since childhood, I have admired well-dressed people. Later, during my student years at the university, I looked for stylish outfits and saved them to be inspired and create my own.  When I started looking for myself that was harmonious, beautiful, and expressive, I felt a special state of creative inspiration and satisfaction. So, my journey into the world of style began a long time ago, but the journey as a stylist began in 2017 with the beginning of my first training and continues to this day.

How do you stay updated with the ever-changing trends in fashion?

To stay updated with short and long trends in the fashion world I watch fashion week shows and new collections of selected brands constantly.  I also follow the Instagram accounts of fashion bloggers, influencers and stylists of celebrities, as Dennis Boeer and Alberto Ortiz Rey. To gain a deeper understanding of stylistics I also study the history of fashion and art.

Can you recall a specific moment or experience that solidified your decision to become a stylist?

I remember that I started to develop a style for myself, in order to create harmonious outfits and combine the colors with each other. and then I became so passionate about fashion that I decided to become a stylist and help others express their inner world through clothes

What kind of education or training do you believe is essential for someone aspiring to be a stylist?

I think that fundamental education in stylistics is very important, as well as practical training, where this knowledge will be practiced on real clients as Corsi brevi di moda and Fashion Stylist e Comunicazione

Are there specific skills you think are crucial for success in this profession?

I believe that persistence and the ability to continue doing what you love despite setbacks are crucial to achieving professionalism in any profession

How has working as a stylist affected your personal style?

Working as a stylist requires being constantly up to date with trends and this greatly helps to feel your style better and to build the desired style day after day, year after year

Do you experiment with your own style, or do you prefer to keep it consistent?

I really like to experiment with my style. I always look for those things during shopping that bring me both aesthetic pleasure and comfort.  I love combine different shades in my outfits to express my today’s mood 

Do you continue to study fashion and styling while already working as a stylist?
Yes, I constantly attend various education courses Introduction to Fashion Styling, In addition, I am studying Italian now in order to learn fashion from the best of the best, I dream of studying at the Marangoni Fashion Institute

Are you looking to refine your personal style or need expert guidance for a special occasion? Iryna, with her vast experience and keen fashion sense, is here to help. Elevate your wardrobe and express your unique style with her personalized styling services. For consultations and to book a session, reach out to Iryna via Instagram